Dance Academy favourite snippet: answer to Angie’s question…

Angie wrote to me asking: ”do you know what episode the quote “we will never be mates” is from? i can’t seem to find it!”

Here it is:

s2e25 sammy mates 1s2e25 sammy mates 2s2e25 sammy mates 3s2e25 sammy mates 4s2e25 sammy mates 5

series 2 episode 25, when they all have a flash back related to Sammy, and Christian remembers meeting him during audition week. It is near the end, just before Christian speaks at the beach memorial…


Thank you so much for your question, Angie, I’m thrilled that you have asked!


Dance Academy Favourite Snippet: A Good Life

one of my favourite quotes:

Dance Academy Series 2 Episode 10: A Good Life

goodlife 1goodlife 2goodlife 3goodlife 4goodlife 5goodlife 6goodlife 7

‘‘I will always remember Grandpa Morrie saying that:

The only reward for a good life is

A good life.

That it’s your duty to work hard, give back,

Right whatever wrongs you can and then…

Make it count.’


I believe this through and through, and I believe Sammy demonstrated this in all the scenes he was in. If he did get something wrong, he would work hard at righting it. What a beautiful fictional example of wisdom applied.


( my top favourite quote for #dacomebackmeme )

Dance Academy Favourite Snippet: Sammy and his Dad

One of my favourite relationships in Dance Academy: Sammy and his Dad.

Series 1 Episode 5: Real Men Don’t Dance

Dad can’t tolerate that Sammy is wasting his intelligence on Dance, especially as he even struggles with the Dance aspect of his studies, and threatens to pull Sammy out of the Academy… first one.

s1e5 1s1e5 2s1e5 4 copys1e5 5s1e5 6s1e5 7s1e8s1e5 9s1e5 10s1e5 11

Series 1 Episode 13: Family

Dad failed to show up… first one.

s1e13 1s1e13 2


Series 1 Episode 26: Learning to Fly

Father failure to show up… second time.

s1e26 1s1e26 2 copys1e26 3 copy

Series 2 Episode 10: A Good Life

Dad about to ruin Sammy’s chances at the Academy, second time. But once again changes his mind at the last minute, and without telling his son or talking to him, again…

s2e10 3s2e10 4s2e10 5s2e10 6s2e10 7

Series 2 Episode 20: Check ? Cross

It says it all….

s2e20 1 copys2e20 2s2e20 3

Series 2 Episode 24: The Prix de Fonteyn

There, finally there!!!

s2e24 1s2e24 2s2e24 3s2e24 4s2e24 5s2e24 6s2e24 7s2e24 8s2e24 9s2e24 10s2e24 11

And Series 3 Episode 10: NFktd

s3e10 1s3e10 2


There are romantic relationships in this show which I love, but this, this son and father relationship, that’s one that gets me straight to my heart. May it teach me a lesson as my kids grow up…


Dance Academy Series 1 Episode 8

s1e8 Hayley1s1e8 Hayley2s1e8 Hayley3s1e8 Hayley4

Dance Academy Series 1 Episode 8.

I love the reluctant friendship between these two, especially after what we learn in Series 2 Episode 25 ‘You and me? We will never be mates.’ And see where they got in the end.

And I LOVE Sammy’s sassy come back!

Go Sammy!


Dance Academy Soundtrack: Series 1 Episode 3 Behind Barres

Series 1 Episode 3: Behind Barres

There are some amazing tracks during that episode, both in Ballet Class

s1e3 tara stuck behind barres

and in environmental music, particularly when Tara dances her angry dances and Christian is running off. I can’t believe these were not credited!

But we do have the tracks for the rest:

s1e3 revenge dance Ts1e3 revenge dance C

Coco Electrik – Apple Pie –– Kat seeks revenge on Abigail for refusing to let Tara move out.

s1e3 revenge karaoke

Little Red – Fool– Kat and Sammy Karaoke revenge, failed.

s1e3 track list

s1e3 Christian stuck at A of D

oh, and there was no background music for this one, but I just love this shot, Christian having been let down by his brother, and now stuck at the Academy, with the logo just peeping there behind his resigned face. Great filming here.


Dance Academy Soundtrack, Series 1 Episode 2

Series 1 Episode 2 – Week Zero

s1e2 1

Einzugspunk (”punk train”)- Kepplinger – No link – When Sammy rooms with Kat.

s1e2 4b

Step Into the Funk – Alphonse Mouzon – (very CLOSE) or but I haven’t found the actual track… sorry. When Tara struggles with Jazz…

s1e2 5

Contemporay dance drumbeats. Could be Woman’s Dance by M. Askill??? no link.  Tara struggling with Contemporary…

s1e2 6

Coppelia Act 1 Mazurka – Arthur Saint Leon – Tara struggles with Character classes…

s1e2 7

remix version of Thump – Bertie Blackman –  is the original version, and this: Nick Galea remix is the closest I could find

Tara struggling with Hiphop…

s1e2 9

Mutprobe coda – (Daring Coda) – Kepplinger (no link) – Tara and Kat are dared to jump.

s1e2 10

Don Quichote – Ludwig Minkus – Kitri variation (the fan)

Tara dances on pointe against Miss Raine’s ban.


Looked Good in Daylight – C. Earnst/ black Market Rhythm Co – – Tara enjoying life with new friends.


Of course we are missing the various class piano music… Maybe one day.



Dance Academy Soundtrack, Series 1 Episode 1

Series 1 Episode 1 – Learning to Fly

s1e1 sc 5 meet Kat

Kat going wild at the beginning of the first session of audition week!!!

Parlez-vous Français – Art Vs Science –

s1e1 sc 7 bitching

Abigail and Co passing judgment on all the other dancers

Heart – Bertie Blackman-

s1e1 sc 9 arrive at party

Tara arriving at the third year party.

Gamble For It – The Rapids (nowhere to be found on the big great internet!)

s1e1 sc 10 tara mocked

Christian already keeping his eyes on Tara. (how on Earth did I miss that when I first watched it!!!!)

Butterfly -Cristian Cassara (also nowhere to be found on the big great internet!)

ugly duckling

Tara proving why she deserves a place at the Academy by dancing a wonderful Ugly Duckling version. (to a Cinderella track? How interesting!)

Cinderella Suite No.3, Op.109: VIII amaroso – Prokokief



track list

As credited on the actual track list.

But missing are :

Tara’s musics,

s1e1 sc4 meet ethan

the meeting Ethan tune,

and the various beautiful piano pieces used during the classes! (Tara failing at chaine turns and arabesques, and barely coping with simple barre exercises.)

If you are a classics expert and can direct me to the actual pieces, please please pretty please do so! (they may be specially written pieces for the show though, maybe by Bryony Marks???).