Dance Academy Soundtrack – Series 1 Episode 11 – One Perfect Day


Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake – Dance of the Little Swans –

The detail that says it all: Tara is being told off AND she is the only one not dancing  in pointe shoes!



Ah, this next one:

Taco Van Hettinga – Freunde Pier – it means ‘Friend Pier’… so I presume it is either the dirge for Sammy’s pointe shoes funeral…


(sorry, three photos just because this scene is awesome!)


unlikely to be the ribbon dance music, but could it be?


Or Ethan’s original music choice?

Your guess is as good as mine…

And last but not least:

Winterpark – One Night Alone –


Tara proves her point by dancing Ethan’s choreography her way, to this track. (and I love that this happens again  as Abigail does that to his chore in Series 2 Episode 5: Showcase!)