Dance Academy Soundtrack: Series 1 Episode 7 –Crush Test Dummies

Dance Academy Soundtrack: Series 1 Episode 7 –Crush Test Dummies


Mr Jigga – Electron maker


PNC – Betta Than This

s1e7 9

Baby won’t you be my baby tonight The Cheats – Kat thinks Sammy has a crush on Tara

s1e7 15

Bizet – Habannera – the actual one and the film clip

and another decent remix

and another one:

and the original Christian heard on Tara’s CD:


Last but not least, the frustrating scene where songs are actually named, but were designed for the episode, so cannot be found on the internet!


Crush theories and feminism


Meeting Kaylah


Sammy being, well, Sammy.

s1e7 7


s1e7 10

Abigail, to Christian as he practices: ‘You know, being good at HipHop is never gonna make you a better ballet dancer.’ Ouch.

s1e7 11

Christian’s escape

s1e7 12

Sammy admitting he has a crush on Abigail: ‘I didn’t mean for it to happen.’

s1e7 13s1e7 14

Crush fantasy…





Dance Academy Snippet – Series 2 Episode 23

Love it or Fight it

s2e23 Katbrave1s2e23 Katbrave2s2e23 Katbrave3

Kat being super brave. Not many would have the guts to face to such a situation like this. But Kat prefered to be hurt, on her own terms, than to live a lie. Good on her!


Dance Academy Soundtrack: Series 1 Episode 6 –Perfection

Ah, mostly classical this one, and not a lot of it:


So here we go:

s1e6 signets1

Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake – Op 20 – Act 2:#13 Dances of the Swans –

s1e6 Swan 2

Tara dreaming herself into Odette’s role:

Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake – Odette’s Solo (Act 2)

and this little snippet of Kat’s mum skill as a teacher:

s1e6 3s1e6 4s1e6 5

Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake – Op 20 – (first part)

supposedly we should have this track also somewhere, but I can’t spot where…

Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake – Op 20- Act 3 pas de deux –

As for ‘Subway Out’ and Cassara’s ‘Don’t Play with My Heart’, these were once again written for the show, but these ones are named here, and I cannot spot where they might actually appear at all…

Another frustrating one then!




Dance Academy Soundtrack: Series 1 Episode 5 – Real Men Don’t Dance

Oh don’t get me started on this episode’s name!!! So wrong, so very wrong!


But back to soundtrack, and to be honest, it is equally shocking:

s1e5 10

The theme tune and one unfindable song… Great… When there is some great pieces of music!

s1e5 1 pirouettes

the piano tango-like pirouettes track.

s1e5 6 vomit

and yes, that one when Sammy get himself sick all over Abigail’s ankle!

s1e5 6

Christian ‘turning in’ and no liking the ‘correction’ very much,



and Patrick showing how it is done!

I so wish I could have the names of these tracks!

s1e5 8

And of course I have no idea where Glorious Days might be. Could it be this?

I am one frustrated soundtrack searcher!

(find more soundtrack rambling here

Dance Academy Series 1 Episode 8

s1e8 Hayley1s1e8 Hayley2s1e8 Hayley3s1e8 Hayley4

Dance Academy Series 1 Episode 8.

I love the reluctant friendship between these two, especially after what we learn in Series 2 Episode 25 ‘You and me? We will never be mates.’ And see where they got in the end.

And I LOVE Sammy’s sassy come back!

Go Sammy!