Dance Academy Soundtrack: Series 1 Episode 5 – Real Men Don’t Dance

Oh don’t get me started on this episode’s name!!! So wrong, so very wrong!


But back to soundtrack, and to be honest, it is equally shocking:

s1e5 10

The theme tune and one unfindable song… Great… When there is some great pieces of music!

s1e5 1 pirouettes

the piano tango-like pirouettes track.

s1e5 6 vomit

and yes, that one when Sammy get himself sick all over Abigail’s ankle!

s1e5 6

Christian ‘turning in’ and no liking the ‘correction’ very much,



and Patrick showing how it is done!

I so wish I could have the names of these tracks!

s1e5 8

And of course I have no idea where Glorious Days might be. Could it be this?

I am one frustrated soundtrack searcher!

(find more soundtrack rambling here


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