Series 2 Episode 7- A Choreographed Life

One of my favourite episode, so many emotions!

From super hot kiss…

s2e7 kiss

to Tara getting freaked out by Miss Raine and Christian getting it all wrong and hurt/defensive….

s2e7 paused

to Tara being brave and reaching out to him… so sweet.

s2e7 skipping

But she can’t help it, can she, she has to dig a ‘things need to be perfect’ hole, doesn’t she?

s2e7 flick

And of course, she relies on reason, but sometimes emotions are just to deep, too tough. Poor Tara has a lot to learn.

s2e7 fight

Christian warned her to leave him in peace lest he said something he might regret… But did Tara listen and respected that… oh, no…

s2e7 change

There, he said it.

What an horrendous roller-coaster… they both have so much to learn before they can make this relationship work!


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