Tara the leopard – forever trying to change her spots

Tara has been like a leopard through most of the series, trying to change her spots.

It started from the very beginning:

Here’s Kat as we first meet her, with the hat, open waistcoat and straightened hair …?s1e1 spot 1

And here is that look again… on Tara, that same evening.s1e1 spot 2

Then it’s Abigail’s leotard… going from…s1e1 spot 3

‘ my mum made it for me’ to…

s1e1 spot 4

borrowing one of Abigail’s even if it clashes with her tutu!

s1e1 spot 6

To go back to her own outfit… all in one episode! (Series 1 Episode 1)

And then we are back to Kat, customizing a pair of tights into a top…

s1e2 s1s1e2 s2

which Tara is wearing for their first hiphop class…

s1e2 s3

(series 1 Episode 2)

And I only spotted that one on a lucky re-watch:

Tara is infatuated with Ethan… Ethan’s girl friend wears light cardigans…

s1e3 s2

So what do you think Tara is wearing?

s1e3 s1

light knit cardigan, check. (Series 1 Episode 3)

And of course, they then dedicated a whole episode to Tara’s chameleon attempts:

Series 1 Episode 6: Perfection


Need I say more?

s1e6 s11s1e6 s12

And of course, Tara eventually returns to being her wonderful self.

And then there is the time when she wants to be older than she is… via rumor-older-boyfriend and make up.

s1e8 s1

To learn that she might as well enjoy life for who she is as she lives it, not ahead of time.

s1e8 s4s1e8 s5

And she so does… (Series 1 Episode 8)

Then, for a few episodes, she is dating Ethan, at long last, and she seems to feel okay about herself until her parents come to visit.

s1e13 s1

Cue feeling like she has outgrown them now that she is no longer a country girl…

Even Kat suffers a bit of cloning there, but an inflicted one…

s1e13 s4

(Series 1 Episode 13)

And then there’s Kaylah…

s1e16 s1

And Tara refusing to feel left out, and therefore goes for the hoodie look…

s1e16 s3

She’s an expert?

s1e16 s4

Really, Christian? Are you really asking TARA this???? (Series 2 Episode 5)

And under the influence of Grace you ask? Here it is…

s2e17 s1s2e17 s2

Even she knows it is ridiculous, no matter how strong and defiant she might have felt for these few minutes of her life… (Series 2 Episode 17)

Last but not least, she even does it with boys! And with words!

s2e19 s1

Ben-speak at its worst! Amazeballs! (Series 2 Episode 19)

But Tara eventually grows and although she is still swayed this way and that by people who want the least good for her, at least in dress sense she has learnt to stay true to who she is…

Tara Webster




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