Dance Academy Soundtrack: Series 1 Episode 4 – Minefield

Series 1 Episode 4 – Minefield – Sountrack

s1e4 5

Offenbach – The Tales of Hoffmann – Baracolle – as very short background only to beginning of pas-de-deux trust lesson.

s1e4 6

Mozart – Rondo in C major or (simpler version) – Stop fighting over Tara you two, especially as you do not want her at that point, Ethan the torturer!

s1e4 8

Skate – Henrik Kolenda – no link – Tara facing Christian’s aloof rudeness.

s1e4 9

The Alohas – Superskegs – – Fun at the beach

s1e4 11

Rupert Kepplinger – Tara’s Frittenangriff – (fries attack) no link

Variation of Tara’s theme – And Christian might find her annoying, but he still cannot keep his eyes off her!

s1e4 15

Talons -Scoffers and Understanders – & – Gravitron – ? No links, and therefore no idea where it fits: could be the music the bad boys are listening to in their cars, or the background music for this Shaun/ Kat scene? If you know, please tell me!


I am, as usual, sad that the class piano pieces are not attributed:

nor the sweet music when Kat consoles Tara…

s1e4 18




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