Dance Academy Soundtrack: Series 1 Episode 3 Behind Barres

Series 1 Episode 3: Behind Barres

There are some amazing tracks during that episode, both in Ballet Class

s1e3 tara stuck behind barres

and in environmental music, particularly when Tara dances her angry dances and Christian is running off. I can’t believe these were not credited!

But we do have the tracks for the rest:

s1e3 revenge dance Ts1e3 revenge dance C

Coco Electrik – Apple Pie –– Kat seeks revenge on Abigail for refusing to let Tara move out.

s1e3 revenge karaoke

Little Red – Fool– Kat and Sammy Karaoke revenge, failed.

s1e3 track list

s1e3 Christian stuck at A of D

oh, and there was no background music for this one, but I just love this shot, Christian having been let down by his brother, and now stuck at the Academy, with the logo just peeping there behind his resigned face. Great filming here.



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