Dance Academy Soundtrack, Series 1 Episode 2

Series 1 Episode 2 – Week Zero

s1e2 1

Einzugspunk (”punk train”)- Kepplinger – No link – When Sammy rooms with Kat.

s1e2 4b

Step Into the Funk – Alphonse Mouzon – (very CLOSE) or but I haven’t found the actual track… sorry. When Tara struggles with Jazz…

s1e2 5

Contemporay dance drumbeats. Could be Woman’s Dance by M. Askill??? no link.  Tara struggling with Contemporary…

s1e2 6

Coppelia Act 1 Mazurka – Arthur Saint Leon – Tara struggles with Character classes…

s1e2 7

remix version of Thump – Bertie Blackman –  is the original version, and this: Nick Galea remix is the closest I could find

Tara struggling with Hiphop…

s1e2 9

Mutprobe coda – (Daring Coda) – Kepplinger (no link) – Tara and Kat are dared to jump.

s1e2 10

Don Quichote – Ludwig Minkus – Kitri variation (the fan)

Tara dances on pointe against Miss Raine’s ban.


Looked Good in Daylight – C. Earnst/ black Market Rhythm Co – – Tara enjoying life with new friends.


Of course we are missing the various class piano music… Maybe one day.




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