Christian Reed Hairdos…

One of my obsessions might very well be Christian Reed Hair related, and skin tone, and charming wicked tilted grin… Anyways, here it is, Christian hairdos through the series…

Series one: long, flipped-over-from-one-side-like-there’s-been-a-tornado hip mess… ( I mean that in the nicest way possible 😉

s1e14 1

s1e20 1b

Series two: the shorter version of the same thing, with quiff…


until episode 8 when it gets even shorter and neater… Is Christian’s break up with Tara making him want to grow up a bit?

s2e8 1

Yes, ask yourself that question, Christian, why, really, are you interested in supposedly carefree Kat…? Do ask yourself…

Series 3: the metamorphosis…

s3e3 1

”I am now Keanu Reeves as Neo in The Matrix”???

s3e7 2

”and then turning into my real life hero, not that at this point I am ready to admit it…”

s3e7 Zach

”This is where you belong …” (not just so that you can be my little project,no no no, but as my clone… cue dramatic beats!)

Oh, come on, look carefully… the mid-parting, the gently wavy flopping locks…

No matter how many styles Christian went through on his journey to find himself, he has always and consistently been awesomely handsome…

large (1)

Dance Academy 6–“Like No One’s Watching”–Pictured: Christian (Jordan Rodrigues) in DANCE ACADEMY on TeenNick. Photo: Mark Rogers/Werner Film Productions ©2012 Werner Film Productions. All rights Reserved


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