Dance Academy Soundtrack, Series 1 Episode 1

Series 1 Episode 1 – Learning to Fly

s1e1 sc 5 meet Kat

Kat going wild at the beginning of the first session of audition week!!!

Parlez-vous Français – Art Vs Science –

s1e1 sc 7 bitching

Abigail and Co passing judgment on all the other dancers

Heart – Bertie Blackman-

s1e1 sc 9 arrive at party

Tara arriving at the third year party.

Gamble For It – The Rapids (nowhere to be found on the big great internet!)

s1e1 sc 10 tara mocked

Christian already keeping his eyes on Tara. (how on Earth did I miss that when I first watched it!!!!)

Butterfly -Cristian Cassara (also nowhere to be found on the big great internet!)

ugly duckling

Tara proving why she deserves a place at the Academy by dancing a wonderful Ugly Duckling version. (to a Cinderella track? How interesting!)

Cinderella Suite No.3, Op.109: VIII amaroso – Prokokief



track list

As credited on the actual track list.

But missing are :

Tara’s musics,

s1e1 sc4 meet ethan

the meeting Ethan tune,

and the various beautiful piano pieces used during the classes! (Tara failing at chaine turns and arabesques, and barely coping with simple barre exercises.)

If you are a classics expert and can direct me to the actual pieces, please please pretty please do so! (they may be specially written pieces for the show though, maybe by Bryony Marks???).



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