Dance Academy favourite snippet: answer to Angie’s question…

Angie wrote to me asking: ”do you know what episode the quote “we will never be mates” is from? i can’t seem to find it!”

Here it is:

s2e25 sammy mates 1s2e25 sammy mates 2s2e25 sammy mates 3s2e25 sammy mates 4s2e25 sammy mates 5

series 2 episode 25, when they all have a flash back related to Sammy, and Christian remembers meeting him during audition week. It is near the end, just before Christian speaks at the beach memorial…


Thank you so much for your question, Angie, I’m thrilled that you have asked!


Dance Academy Soundtrack – Series 1 Episode 11 – One Perfect Day


Tchaikovsky – Swan Lake – Dance of the Little Swans –

The detail that says it all: Tara is being told off AND she is the only one not dancing  in pointe shoes!



Ah, this next one:

Taco Van Hettinga – Freunde Pier – it means ‘Friend Pier’… so I presume it is either the dirge for Sammy’s pointe shoes funeral…


(sorry, three photos just because this scene is awesome!)


unlikely to be the ribbon dance music, but could it be?


Or Ethan’s original music choice?

Your guess is as good as mine…

And last but not least:

Winterpark – One Night Alone –


Tara proves her point by dancing Ethan’s choreography her way, to this track. (and I love that this happens again  as Abigail does that to his chore in Series 2 Episode 5: Showcase!)

Dance Academy Soundtrack – S1e10 – Through the Looking Glass


Decent list, no mention of that amazing music when Abigail scrutinizes herself, but hey!


Wish – Telemetry Orchestra (Scott & Whittingham)

Aaron tries to entice ”Cheds” Christian to return to his ‘old’ life…



Dents – The Acorn

Christian chooses his new life over his unreliable up-to-no-good pal.


Concrete Love Song – Krista Muir

Abigail the survivor, acting out tears and remorse for getting out of trouble, and this is how she really feels about it: Powerful!

Oh that girl!

Dance Academy Soundtrack – Series 1 Episode 9 – Heartbeat


A mix of find-able songs and made-for-purpose un-find-able ones…


Heart Beats Faster – Prince of Thieves


Lost at Sea – The Cairos – (as background music)


Casting II – Cristian Cassara – I love this music, such a shame I can’t find the track anywhere


Boundaries – Garron Leslie – same as above


Had Enough/ You Got Me Dancing- J. Worthy/ A. Tuohey/ M.Mozart

And then there should be TV trailer – Jonas Engelke…


Dance Academy Soundtrack – Series 1 Episode 8: Growing Pains


Let’s not get excited hre… Electron Maker was virtually just the first 3 seconds of the introduction, Butterfly is a track that cannot be tracked and the last three tracks are purpose-made for the show too and therefore untrackable… so not a great episode for Music…warm-up-music

despite the cute warm up piano number… butterfly

Cristian Cassara – Butterfly – untrackable


At least there’s this quote, which I love and keeps coming back through the whole series… I shall one day track these up!


and we get to see this face!


”wasserbomben” Ah the fun, untrackable, of course

Kaufhaus means shopping centre, so mabe those tracks are related to the ‘dance belt’ shopping trip, but no obvious music to link them to…

One of those episodes…

Dance Academy Favourite Snippet: A Good Life

one of my favourite quotes:

Dance Academy Series 2 Episode 10: A Good Life

goodlife 1goodlife 2goodlife 3goodlife 4goodlife 5goodlife 6goodlife 7

‘‘I will always remember Grandpa Morrie saying that:

The only reward for a good life is

A good life.

That it’s your duty to work hard, give back,

Right whatever wrongs you can and then…

Make it count.’


I believe this through and through, and I believe Sammy demonstrated this in all the scenes he was in. If he did get something wrong, he would work hard at righting it. What a beautiful fictional example of wisdom applied.


( my top favourite quote for #dacomebackmeme )

Dance Academy Favourite Snippet: Sammy and his Dad

One of my favourite relationships in Dance Academy: Sammy and his Dad.

Series 1 Episode 5: Real Men Don’t Dance

Dad can’t tolerate that Sammy is wasting his intelligence on Dance, especially as he even struggles with the Dance aspect of his studies, and threatens to pull Sammy out of the Academy… first one.

s1e5 1s1e5 2s1e5 4 copys1e5 5s1e5 6s1e5 7s1e8s1e5 9s1e5 10s1e5 11

Series 1 Episode 13: Family

Dad failed to show up… first one.

s1e13 1s1e13 2


Series 1 Episode 26: Learning to Fly

Father failure to show up… second time.

s1e26 1s1e26 2 copys1e26 3 copy

Series 2 Episode 10: A Good Life

Dad about to ruin Sammy’s chances at the Academy, second time. But once again changes his mind at the last minute, and without telling his son or talking to him, again…

s2e10 3s2e10 4s2e10 5s2e10 6s2e10 7

Series 2 Episode 20: Check ? Cross

It says it all….

s2e20 1 copys2e20 2s2e20 3

Series 2 Episode 24: The Prix de Fonteyn

There, finally there!!!

s2e24 1s2e24 2s2e24 3s2e24 4s2e24 5s2e24 6s2e24 7s2e24 8s2e24 9s2e24 10s2e24 11

And Series 3 Episode 10: NFktd

s3e10 1s3e10 2


There are romantic relationships in this show which I love, but this, this son and father relationship, that’s one that gets me straight to my heart. May it teach me a lesson as my kids grow up…